What Customers are Saying

Faith M
Sales Support

Gerry was amazing. Market America is lucky to have such an incredible employee. We are looking forward to working with Gerry on our new website! I haven't experienced customer service like this in a very long time. 02/20/2014

Raymond Y Customer Care

Kevin was great! He spent an hour on the phone with me making sure I was satisfied with the support session. Very nice, and so efficient! Thanks, Kevin! 02/15/2014

Suzanne K
Customer Care

Thank you, Charles, for all the extra effort you put in to help me solve my email mystery. I really appreciate your persistence and professional service. 02/14/2014

Bob W
Customer Care

Holly is very professional and extraordinarily friendly and helpful. She could be your Benchmark for Customer service. Her suggestions were very helpful and she has elevated our ability to deal with the page editor to a new level by acquanting us with some of the new features 02/13/2014.

Jim S
Customer Care

Laura is an excellent representative of your company. Although it was very late at night she was very patient and led me through a very tedious process that I never could have completed alone. She is not only very knowledgeable about your product, she is also very versatile in working around issues that popped up unexpectedly 02/12/2014.

Michael M
Customer Care

Kelly was wonderful! Even though she was in the billing department she was still able to answer all of my technical questions.. very impressive! 02/12/2014

Martha O
Sales Support

Sekou did an excellent job in presenting the demo web site and addressing the issues and concerns of my customer. He handled the situation quite well, being that the presentation had to be in the store and there were customers in and out of the store. While we waited for my customer, Mr Robinson and I reviewed the price quote and objectives, which was very helpful. 02/06/2014

Kathy G
Sales Support

Mike did a great job on the presentation! I let him know that time was of the essence and he did it all, even completed the sale, under 45 minutes. 02/06/2014

Tobias S
Customer Care

Sekou is just the nicest, most helpful, most knowledgable individual you could possibly get to help you!!!!! Goes above and beyond! 02/03/2014

Dan C
Customer Care

Dylan is fantastic! I know when he answers my call that I am in great hands. We are lucky to have such a professional working with us.01/30/2014

Renee F
Customer Care

Holly was very helpful with my website owner to help her understand how Search Engines work and how to set up her keywords and Description. she was patient and treated the client with respect and understood that client doesn't understand SEO. 01/27/2014

Soveida W
Sales Support

Anthony did a great job of interacting with my clients and helping them feel comfortable with the technology. He was very accommodating and patient when they were first getting on the gotomeeting website for the demonstration. This was my first demo call and I was really impressed with the product and professionalism of Anthony. 01/27/2014

Trista P
Customer Care

Kevin is AH-mazing! He is nice to deal with but also very knowledgeable. He helped me with some very technical glitchy stuff and he didn't break anything and made everything work. He never said he didn't know how. One one issue with javascript he just figured it out and took care of it. AWESOME support. Thank you Kevin!! 01/25/2014

Scott H
Sales Support

Brian did a great job in covering the main concerns of the business and took some more time to touch on social media to educate them on how they could use it to keep the site current and relative to the search engines.We look forward to helping them get started soon! 01/17/2014

Kurt S
Customer Care

Starla was OUTSTANDING! We were on the phone for over two hours editing and updating a very important client site that has weekly changes to it. She even suggested a few ideas that really took some of the pages to another level! I couldn't be more pleased with the results! She was so patient in dealing with me and I greatly appreciate the service, A+!01/15/2014

Drew F
Design Center

Sean has worked on every design package that I have sold to my clients for almost 3 years now. He and his team have knocked it out of the park every time! I know it's very cliche' to say, but I can't even begin to tell you how far above and beyond he goes with all of my clients! Especially the "hard to deal with" ones...There's a reason why he is so good at his job, and it's b/c he listens and cares about us as we represent MA Webcenters in the field. More importantly he cares about our clients. He's the best and always makes me look good! 01/10/2014

Maryann P
Customer Care

Cruz was proactive in resolving an issue with a clients website. His willingness to research the issue, find a solution and follow up resulted in avoiding a situation with a client. Thank you, Cruz 01/10/2014

Jamil W
Customer Care

Sharon has been the best person at MA WebCenters to speak and work with. She is very knowledgeable, while she teaches and explains how to do a task. Her communication ability is unmatched towards the people I've worked with in the past. She really helped me making the website look professional. I really hope that all employees at MA strive to seek customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to eni sure your customers are happy and have presentable websites. He talents are really unmatched and I would consider her a superstar in my organization. 01/10/2014

Lisa K
Sales Support

This walkthrough was one of the top three all-time walkthroughs of my business life. Mike was right on target with his presentation knowing exactly what the client needed to know and then fielding her very technical questions with excellence. I am never disappointed and always look forward to the positive outcome. The business owner was extremely happy with our solution and with the professionalism of this walkthrough. Thanks, Mike! 01/10/2014

Florette J
Customer Care

Holly was able to give me prompt on-the-spot information where I did not know how to deal with the existing situation. When I spoke back with the prospect, the prospect agreed with Holly's suggestion. Thank you Holly