You have your product, now all you need is a way to sell it. In the old days the only way to sell a product was to set up a brick and mortar store, stock your shelves, run some advertisements, and hope customers walk through your door. While many companies continue to operate traditional storefronts why limit your customers to just Detroit? We can help you get your products into the hands of customers whether they live in Michigan or not.

First our software includes a built in easy to use eCommerce Dashboard to quickly and easily manage your products. Our system allows you to import and export your full product line via a .csv or excel spreadsheet allowing you to quickly and easily start selling your products online without hours of configuring every single individual product. This includes full price, and inventory control of your products. Beyond just order tracking the big question our customers ask is how do you handle billing? Our system includes Multiple Billing Options that support a wide variety of merchant gateways commonly used worldwide. Finally the system can help you track your orders with invoice and packing slip tools to ensure your customers products are tracked all the way from purchase to final shipping.

One of the ways we stand apart from our competition is that we do not take a percentage of your profits. Whether your small storefront makes infrequent online sales, or you process millions of dollars in orders every year we charge you the same. We charge no extra fees, and take no percentages of your sales. Our eCommerce solution is included in our website package at no extra cost. Many companies do not offer built in ecommerce, charge extra, or take a percentage of your sales which can quickly add up. With us everything is included.

Our eCommerce has all the features to rival the major online storefronts. We offer an attractive way to display your products including Pan and Zoom on Product Images, Wish Lists, Compare Product tools, Customer Reviews which you can approve, and Easy Re-order Features. We offer a variety of product types including Configurable, Virtual, and Downloadable Products ensuring that whatever form your product takes we can help you sell it. This ensures whether you are selling a product, a service, or something online such as MP3s, eBooks, or PDFs our eCommerce can support your business. Finally you can create promotional codes that offer a customizable way to offer discounts to customers. From customer or item specific promotions, to across the board cost reductions our system can support it.

Do not pay extra for an eCommerce solution and do not get stuck losing a percentage of your every sale until you have seen what we can do for you. Take a look at our highly competitive eCommerce solution before you lock yourself into a contract elsewhere. Let us show you what we can do to help you grow your business from a small company in Detroit Michigan to a worldwide household name.